Benefits of Car Upholstery

Keeping your car upholstery in top quality condition and is a great way to give your car a new look and feel. With a wide range of fabrics, your car can be finished in any colour or pattern of your choice. There are many benefits to car upholstery, including health and vehicle value. Whether you are a regular driver or have passengers in your vehicle often, it is inevitable that your interior will start tearing, ripping and developing blemishes.

Health Benefits

Although you may not be able to see them, there are countless microscopic bacteria lingering throughout your car. Some bacteria can’t be gotten rid of by simply wiping down with a warm wash cloth. Having your car regularly cleaned and having your interior upholstered prevents any dirt or dust building up. Indoor allergens are often the worst type as they are present at all times. Your new fabric can protect against pollen, pet dander, dust and other substances that cause allergies and asthma symptoms in many people. Being able to get rid of inevitable growing dirt is a fantastic way to increase your general health and that of your passengers.

Retain your Vehicle Value

For most people, a car isn’t for life. Most people don’t realise that car interior is just as important as the exterior. You need to take care of your large investment as one day you will be selling or trading it in. If an investment is made into your vehicle, it implies an improvement and increase in quality. Quality vehicle upholstery could make a price difference of thousands, as long as it is kept in good condition. Vehicle upholstery is about disassembling all the existing upholstery to generate a new one. This gives a second life to the seats and also to the car.


While driving, comfort is key. Whether you make regular short journeys or are up and down the country, feeling comfortable in your car is vital. Our upholsterers are specialised in bringing you ultimate comfort to your vehicle. Your car seats can be fitted with custom made padding and memory foam, giving you the ultimate driving experience. Padded upholstery and seat covers can protect your back and spine, while also improving your driving posture. This is essential for people who constantly travel and rely on the comfort of their vehicle.

Why Us?

Whether you want a car seat repaired whilst you are at work, or your fleet of lease vehicles repaired ready to re-sell you can be sure that our technicians offer a completely professional car interior and upholstery repair service for your convenience.

Upholstery Guru use specialised techniques to restore your scuffed, damaged or burned vehicle interior to excellent condition. Within minutes or hours, we can repair cigarette burns to seats, tears to your car upholstery, dashboard and vinyl damage and car leather repairs.

We provide a wide range of upholstery repairs including full seat car upholstery, smart repairs, seat panel replacements, roof hood replacement and more!

For more information, visit our vehicle upholstery page or if you would like to book in with the team, visit our contact us page for a quote or call back.