We provide a wide range of repairs to vehicles including seat upholstery and trimming.

Upholstery Guru use specialised techniques to restore your damaged, scuffed or burned vehicle interior to excellent condition. Within minutes or hours, depending on the nature of the damage, we can repair cigarette burns to seats, tears to your vehicle upholstery, dashboard and vinyl damage. 

Whether you want a car seat repaired whilst you are at work, or your fleet of lease vehicles repaired and ready to re-sell, or the interior of your campervan brought to life, you can be sure that our technicians offer a completely professional vehicle interior and upholstery repair service for your convenience.

Modern or traditional vehicle interior upholstery repairs and trimming

We provide a wide range of repairs, upholstery and trimming of modern vehicles.

Car seat upholstery

Full Seat Car Upholstery

Where leather shows signs of excessive wear or discolouration (such as on seat side panels) we can treat the leather to make it more supple and/or re-colour the leather to match the rest of the seat.


Car Seat Smart Repairs

Where scuffs to dashboards, plastic/vinyl trims and door panels show signs of wear we can refill, re-texture and re-colour materials to match the existing interior.


Car or Van Seat Panel Replacements

Where seats have lost their padding or shape we can repair frames and padding to provide a more comfortable seat.

Reduced Back Pain From Seats

We can provide repadding and upholstery of seats to improve posture and help prevent back problems. This can include adding/removing padding or lumbar supports, shortening/lengthening seat bases, or changing the rake angle of seat bases.


Roof Hood Replacement

We can repair or replace roof hoods depending upon whether they have experienced damage due to poor weather conditions, storage, or acts of vandalism.


Steering Wheels & Gear Knobs

Steering wheels, gear knobs and gators often exhibit extra wear through use and we are able to provide replacements to match their original condition.

Vehicle interior upholstery repairs

Over the years, we’ve taken on a wide range of car interior upholstery repairs. Take a look at some of our most recent work below.

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